Swaziland And Lesotho Itineraries

Swaziland And Lesotho Travel Package
7 Days/6Nights 

Day 1: Thaba Bosiu And Kome Caves  
Departure from Maseru airport and visit Thaba Bosiu – Moshoeshoe’s strong hold, that was never taken, this is a very important historical site. On top of the flat –topped hill are remains of the kings dwellings with 230 royal graves. The Basotho guide will lead us and give all the explanations, people should be prepared to walk. The Thaba Bosiu village is not finished yet, but people could view it as well. Lunch at Thaba Bosiu restaurant. After lunch depart via 4x4 dirt road to Kome Caves. Where a local Basotho guide will lead us down to the Cave Dwellings and tell us the history of the people ,that reside there! 
 Overnight: Hotel around Maseru
 Day 2: Semonkong,Maletsunyane Falls
Depart after breakfast and proceed along winding and viewing of Dinosaur footprints in Roma. Ascending the Blue Mountain Pass to 2.620m, named after the 2.900m high Thaba Putswa (Blue Mountain), which dominates the range in the north. On tar road we drive past mountains of white sandstone to Roma. The city is the principal center of the Roman Catholic Church in Lesotho and since 1964 the site of the National University of Lesotho. Roma was found in 1862 when King Moshoeshoe granted the site to Bishop Allard and Father Gerard to Semonkong known as ‘The Place of Smoke’. The place boasts the spectacular Maletsunyane Falls which thunder from a height of 204m, as one of the highest /longest single drop waterfalls in Africa. The journey will explored through the rugged mountains of Lesotho with experienced guides via Roma.
Overnight: Semonkong 
Day 3: 
After a good breakfast at the lodge travel via back along routing, as day before and arrival at Maseru airport and get ready to enter the kingdom of Swaziland! 

        Kingdom Of Swaziland
 Day 4: Malandela House 
Pick up at the Airport and go for lunch at the famous Malandela’s House in Fire! Experience by tasting delicious farmhouse food in our delightfully relaxed restaurant. After your meal, indulge yourself by shopping for international quality, beautifully handmade products at Gone Rural, Baobab Batik and Zoggs Boutique. Enjoy fantastical events and live performances at the awe-inspiring House on Fire or simply take a walk through magical indigenous gardens. We also got the chance to see the Execution Rock on our way down to lodge you will be Spending the Night on and also have Dinner there.
Overnight Lodge
Day 5: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary And Malolotja Canopy Tour
After breakfast we depart for Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve at Ezulwini Valley, there you have the option to choose between mountain biking, horse riding and game drive in between the animals! Then do a walk to Mantenga Falls .After Lunch we Drive North where we will be heading for Malolotja Nature Reserve as soon as we get there you do the Tree Canopy Tour!
Overnight Lodge
Day 6: Sibebe Rock And Maguga Dam
After breakfast we do half day for Sibebe Rock and there you will be able to climb it till you reach the top and have a magnificent view down! After lunch we visit the Maguga Dam where you will see the Rock Art, Bushmens painting.
Overnight Lodge
Day 7: Sheba Breast Mountain
 We finish our breakfast and we do a short walk from the lodge to the Sheba Breast Mountain and if time allow we can also do the Phophonyane Falls. We then depart for Airport.
Included:                                    Excludes:
>Accommodation                     >Meals
>Mineral water                         >Beaverages&Alcohol
>Transport in 4x4 vehicles      >Personal Expenses
>Driver/guide fees                   >Personal Insurances  
>Airport transfers                    >Tips to Guide 

Swaziland And Lesotho Tour-7Days/6Nights

Day 1: Thaba Bosiu And The Village 
Pick up at the Airport and go for lunch. After lunch a guide will take us on tour and explain the history of the 1st Chief Moshoehoe and how he was able to conquer the Zulu King Shakas warriors.Well then be taken to a village and also see the famous mountain-Thaba Bosiu close and get a chance to climb it and take pictures of the villages on top.
Overnight Lodge
Day 2: Dinosaur Footprints, Ellenberger's Cave House And Lake Letsie  
After breakfast, we get in our vehicle and head to Quthing via Mohale’s Hoek. The road will then continue along the Mt Moorosi road to Quthing, overlooking magnificent sandstone gorges. We will make a stopover for dinner and overnight at a local hotel. This is a full day’s drive during which you can see dinosaur footprints and Ellenberger’s cave house. Lake Letsie on the out-skirts of Quthing will be visited to complete our tour.
Overnight Lodge
Day 3:
After breakfast, we depart for Maseru Airport and get ready to enter the kingdom of Swaziland!
Day 4: Mantenga Cultural Village And Mantenga Waterfalls
Pick up at the Sikhupe Airport and visit Mantenga Cultural Village where visitors are introduced to day-to-day life in a traditional Swazi homestead and enjoy vibrant traditional dancing. After lunch we do a short walk at the Mantenga waterfall.
Overnight Lodge
 DAY 5: Mantenga Nature Reserve, Malolotja Nature Reserve  
After Breakfast We check out Mantenga Lodge and we quickly do 3 hours for the Mantenga Nature Reserve and we heading at Malolotja Nature Reserve. On arrival at Malolotja you will have the choice of two guided trails. Both trail options are scenic walks as opposed to walking wildlife safaris and the focus is on experiencing the breathtaking scenery of the reserve. One option is the Majolomba Trail, a 5km loop route starting from the Malolotja picnic site following the beautiful and gently sloping grasslands of the Majolomba Valley. This is a relatively easy trail which descends gently down the valley crossing the Majolomba stream six times as it weaves through beautiful grassland and vleis. At the trails midpoint some magnificent views of the majestic Malolotja Valley open up to the north and there is ample opportunity for some classic scenic photography. The second half of the trail climbs back up the opposite side of the Majolomba Valley and is relatively steep in places before it joins the road head which leads back to the picnic site. The second option has the Malolotja Waterfalls as its focus and is a short 3 km out-and-back trail which begins from the Logwadja start point and descends steeply into the main Malolotja River Valley. The trail is short but strenuous as it is relatively steep on the way in and out. The efforts are worth it however, as the views across the entire Malolotja Valley and beyond are very impressive and rewarding. The Malolotja Falls themselves are the highest waterfalls in Swaziland (90m) and although it is only a small river the setting for the falls is quite spectacular. After the trail you will leave Malolotja and drive for just 45 minutes to the secluded Phophonyane Eco Lodge where you will settle into your rooms and prepare for dinner in the spacious dinner area.
Overnight Lodge 
 DAY 6: Phophonyane Nature Reserve  
Today is one of relaxation at Phophonyane Eco Lodge with an optional guided day walk in the mountains of Phophonyane Nature Reserve. The reserve protects the immense biodiversity of the increasingly threatened habitat and is rich in botanical diversity. It is home to a remarkable 240 species of birds and some of the world's most interesting geological features. You can walk along the magical forested trails and hear the mysterious hoot of the scarlet and emerald feathered narina trogon, the curious whistle of the red duiker, and bark of the elusive bushbuck. Rest and breathe the revitalizing air and enjoy the sight of the famous Phophonyane waterfalls and cascades which tumble over several kilometres of beautifully exposed ancient gneiss, the world's oldest rock, formed over 3.6 billion years ago. Dinner will be enjoyed in the lodge's comfortable dining room.
Overnight Lodge 
DAY 7:  
After breakfast we depart the Lodge and Transfer Back at The Airport.
Included:                                   Excludes:
>Accommodation                     >Meals 
>Mineral water                         >Beverages&Alcohol 
>Transport in 4x4 vehicles      >Personal Expenses 
>Driver/guide fees                   >Personal Insurances  
>Airport transfers                    >Tips to Guide 


Swaziland And Lesotho Travel Package- 7Days/6Nights

Day 1: Thaba Bosiu
Departure from Maseru airport and proceed to Thaba Bosiu ,lunch on arrival, lunch . After lunch a guide will take us on tour and explain the history of the 1st Chief Moshoehoe and how he was able to conquer the Zulu King Shakas warriors.Well then be taken to a demonstration village and from a distance see the famous mountain-Thaba Bosiu. Do an orientation tour of Maseru and visit the curio shop and see how Tapestries are made! Thaba Bosiu Demonstration Village Chief Moshoehoe 1-Grave Site Overnight:Avani Lesotho Sun and Casino ( 5 STAR). Luxury Hotel in Maseru with Spa & Casino Free WiFi in lobby Main amenities 158 smoke-free guestrooms Casino Restaurant and bar/lounge Full-service spa Outdoor pool Health club Self-parking Conference center Childcare Open Terrace.
Overnight Lodge 
 Day 2:Maletsunyane Falls,Semonkong 
 Depart after breakfast and proceed along winding, ascending the Blue Mountain Pass to 2.620m, named after the 2.900m high Thaba Putswa (Blue Mountain), which dominates the range in the north. On tar road we drive past mountains of white sandstone to Roma.The place boasts the spectacular Maletsunyane Falls which thunder from a height of 197m. We descend the pass to a view point at 1.860m to look down to the awesome valley. An exciting journey high over the summit of the Thaba Putswa Range via Makheka’s Pass and across the basalt moorland roof of Southern Africa to Semonkong, “the Place of Smoke”. View stop at 2.260m before we reach the summit of the Makheka’s Pass with 2.860m. Panoramic views to the valley with farmlands. Basotho ponies will be on standby for those who would prefer to pony trek to Maletsunyane falls along the rugged terrain. The clients will have a chance to hike to the bottom of the waterfall where swimming and Trout fishing can be enjoyed? Lunch at Semonkong Lodge. After lunch we proceed to view the Maletsunyana Falls-called the Place of Smoke. Dinner at the lodge and Overnight. 
 Day 3:Lesotho Cultural Village 
 After a good breakfast at the lodge travel via Moitsupeli, turning left towards Koro-Koro. A scenic drive through bushy landscape, small forests and farmland dotted with picturesque villages. Along the road dense bushes and shrubs used by locals for medical purposes, picturesque mountain landscapes and rural settlements. At the roadside basalt stone with hardened bubbles. Packed lunch provided for. Entering very rural part of Lesotho and a lot of interacting with the local population takes place. Our destination houses a popular Pony Trekking Center and is situated in secluded woodland surrounded by beautiful countryside. Dinner at the lodge.
Overnight Lodge 
 Day 4:Morija Museum
 Depart  Lodge after breakfast , for Maseru airport. The tour will finish off by visiting Morija, named after the biblical Mt. Moriah. Morija has maintained the magic that first attracted the missionaries. It is the only forested village in Lesotho, with every road lined with trees, some of which dating back more than a century. Hidden between the trees is the historic ‘mother church’, as well as the schools, the printing works, the hospital, the museum and other institutions established by the missionaries. Morija Museum Basotho warriors fighting –Shaka’s Impis Morija Museum & Archives Overview Established in 1956, Morija Museum & Archives collects valuable archival material and museum collections. The museum also works on a range of arts & culture projects, plus, heritage and community-based tourism initiatives. At the heart of Morija Museum &Archives (MMA) are its valuable archival and museum collections, which have been growing incrementally since the 19th century. These collections form the basis for research and publishing, as well as exhibitions and educational programmes for schools, visitors and tourists. Morija Museum was formally established in 1956 based upon the Dieterlen family ethnographic and historical collections together with palaeotological and geological collections from the Ellenbergers. These two collections provided the main pillars of the present-day Museum collections which have been growing incrementally over the past 50 years. In 2005, for example, a collection of more modern material culture including hundreds of beaded items was bequeathed to the museum by Chris Van Nispen. Other MMA(NGOs) initiatives have made a great impact in the arts and culture, the most notable being Maeder House Art Gallery, the embryonic Morija Arts Centre, the annual Morija Arts & Cultural Festival, and the nation-wide School Cultural Competitions. The Museum has helped to develop and encourage a wider range of tourism services and products in the greater Morija area, including the Museum Tea Room, Picnic Area and Amphitheatre for larger events; tours of historic Morija and dinosaur footprints, walking trails, bird-watching and pony-trekking; as well as guest houses, conference centre, home-stays, village experiences, cultural activities, catering services, and art/craft production. A non-profit cultural & educational institution belonging to Lesotho Evangelical Church, Morija Museum & Archives is dedicated to developing programmes and activities related to history, heritage and community-based tourism, the arts and culture, as well as science and the environment. Arrival at Maseru airport!

Day 5:Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary 
 Arriving in Swaziland, you are met by our representative at the airport, who will transfer you to Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Swaziland’s history is surprisingly long and fascinating for such a small nation. Artifacts up to 200 000years old and ancient rock paintings from approximately 25 000 BC have been found in the country.Swaziland’s first documented inhabitants, Khoisan hunter-gatherers, were eventually displaced by Bantu tribes who migrated from eastern Africa’s Great Lakes area during the 15th and 16th Centuries. In more contemporary times, when the then ruling monarch, King Mswati 11 died in 1982, the Great Council of State selected a young 14-year-old prince to be the next king. He continued his education in England attending Sherbourne School before he was called back to the throne and crowned on 25 April 1986 aged 18 and 6 days! The king and his mother, whose title is Ndlovukati (“Great She-Elephant”), rule jointly. Overnight: Forresters Inn 
 Day 6:Umphakatsi Cultural Village,Ezulwini Valley,Mbabane Capital City,Mantenga Cultural Village
 we visit Umphakatsi Cultural village – this is the local chief’s village where we explore authentic Swazi Culture with great photo opportunities We then proceed to the Ezulwini Valley and the capital city, Mbabane. Enjoy an outside on a wildlife safari on horseback amongst the animals! We then depart for the cultural village in Mantenga followed by a trip into the Ezulwini Valley to view Swazi Art &Craft. There is traditional Swazi dancing on selected evenings.
 Overnight : Forresters Inn
 Day 7:Mlilwane Nature Reserve
After breakfast, another outride on horseback to view the animal life of Mlilwane. Transfer to Manzini airport
What’s included                                                                                                Not Icluded:
 >Accomodation                                                                                                 >Meals                                 
 >Transport between destinations                                                                    >Activities fees
 >Water                                                                                                               >Soft and alcohilic drinks
 >Guide                                                                                                                >Personal Insurance

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